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The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a non-profit, international organization whose members research and reenact the history and culture of the world prior to 1600. Members of the SCA engage in a large number of activities related to this goal, from recreating the martial arts and skills of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to exploring culture and ideals of the period.

While most activities and events that we hold are oriented toward current and new SCA members, we also welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for the pre-17th century world with the general public. The Barony of Bjornsborg holds weekly fighter practices (please follow the calendar link on our homepage for times and locations) which members of the public are welcome to attend to learn more about our group. We also participate in public events or “demos” during the year which offer organized opportunities to teach about and display aspects of the Medieval and Renaissance world. 

We welcome requests from organizations or institutions interested in having members of our group attend an event to inform and educate them about this fascinating period in time. While we hope such activities are engaging and enjoyable, our primary focus is an educational one. Those interested in engaging our group to provide entertainment, performers or medieval atmosphere for their event would be better served to seek the services of professional renaissance faire actors or performing artists.

To request a demo, please contact the Barony of Bjornsborg Hospitaler by clicking the button above.