The Barony of Bjornsborg will host the TOURNAMENT OF THE SMITTEN HEART II: The Return of Lust based on King Rene's The Book of Love (Le Libre du Cueur d'Amours Espris)

October 17-19, 2014 The Graham Ranch,13503 Raytel St, San Antonio, TX 78253

This event is LOOSELY based on King Rene's Book of Love written and illuminated in the 15th century. (We'll be in good company as "The Princess Bride" also bears strong resemblance to the Book of Love.)

Love and Lust have released their Avatars, as their service has been completed, and are searching for new worthies. Come and vie to be selected as a Champion of Love or Lust. There will be fabulous prizes for those selected upon all fields: Chivalric and Rapier Combat, Archery, and Arts & Sciences.

Who shall prevail?

There will be armored and rapier fighting with possible Cut and Thrust scenarios. The fighting will be surprising and fun scenarios, as dictated by the Avatars of Love and Lust. Bring your favorite weapons, bring your hand protection, and be prepared for anything! There will be a target archery competition presided over by Eros.

The Arts and Sciences will continue the contest with one open pavilion of static entries devoted to Love and Friendship and one tent, open only to those gentles 18 years or older, with static entries that are subject to approval by HL Czina devoted to Lust and Jealousy. For questions, contact the autocrat at the email below.

A sumptuous and theme-appropriate feast will be served prior to evening court.

The Ansteorran Longship Company will serve their famous omelette breakfast on Sunday morning

More information to come on these and other activities.

For any questions, contact the event steward:

Dee Bridges-Walker/Phye "Fee" Heydewolff
(940) 367-2853