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Greetings, and welcome to the Hospitaler page of the Barony of Bjornsborg! The job of the Hospitaler is to welcome and assist people who are interested in learning more about the Society for Creative Anachronism, of which the Barony is a part. This work includes helping new members learn about the SCA in general, and their local kingdom and group in particular. The Hospitaler also works to educate and promote the SCA to the local community through activities or events that highlight what we do. These "demos" are good opportunities for potential new members to learn more and talk to members of the group.

The SCA is a nonprofit organization that promotes the study and reenactment of the history, culture and other aspects of medieval and renaissance Europe. As such, elements of fantasy or magic found in other groups or events are not part of what the SCA does. Also, unlike many fairs, festivals or other commercially-oriented events, SCA events are organized by and for the benefit of its members to further this study and reenactment - not to make money. Groups or organizations interested in having the Barony of Bjornsborg participate in an event or activity should contact the Seneschal or Hospitaler for more information. Here are some links about the SCA and what we do:

* Society for Creative Anachronism
About the SCA
Introduction to the SCA
* Newcomer Portal

The first step in becoming involved in the SCA is simply to come to some local activities or events, and to learn more! One of the best places to meet
members of the barony is at our local fighter practices. These activities are held on most Wednesday evenings. There you can meet other members of the Barony - not just fighters - and get some more information about about our group. Another place to meet members of the Barony and find our more is at our monthly populace meeting which is held in the evening on the first Monday of each month. Please follow this link for times and directions Here Other activities and events are listed on the Barony website on the Calendar. You can join the yahoo group or the Facebook page to find out what's going on in the Barony. Some more helpful links on getting in the SCA in the Barony of Bjornsborg:

* Barony of Bjornsborg
* Join the Bjornsborg Yahoo Group
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
* A Guiding Hand - An Introduction to the SCA and the Kingdom of Ansteorra * * Forward Into the Past - An Introductory Guide to the SCA
* SCA Newcomer's Guide

If you have decided that the SCA is for you, the next thing you will want to do is to create a "persona", or person that you could have been in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. One can be in the SCA for some time before doing so (sometimes a long time), but having a persona provides a focus for participation that can make the SCA experience more meaningful and enjoyable. To create a persona, choose a time period in pre-17th century Europe which interests you. By choosing a time period, you can then look at names and costuming, or "garb", which would have been appropriate. If you are ready to look into creating a persona, here are some links to start with:

* SCA Persona Info
SCA Persona Worksheet
SCA Names
Choosing a Society Name: Hints for Newcomers
I'm in the SCA, now who Am I?
Costume & Clothing
Medieval European Costume Links